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the path

to inspire and bring out beauty from the deepest heart of the soul.


To put it simply, Atelier Chervelle Camille is all about seeing beauty brought to life. The atelier weaves dreams with possibilities, paying close attention to every minute detail to completion. 

Chervelle is a Vancouver-based professional who is known for her work in various scenes in the design field. Strengthened from years of experience in wardrobe styling, creative direction, decorating, event planning, and writing, she has developed her own style that can be described as feminine eclectic. 

"I enjoy presenting a visual journey by characterising and dressing models to tell my own fantasia. I love the idea of playing with masculinity and femininity." 

This lifestyle brand modelled on collaboration, led to a number of creative partnerships focusing on the development of visual narratives for digital and print media. 

With a passion and drive for beauty, humanity, and words, Chervelle's love of decor, fashion, writing, and kinship is reflected in every project she manages. Beautiful design, to her, is about being thoughtful in the simplest way.

Educated by the Art Institute of Vancouver for Interior Design, BCIT for Event Management, and Douglas College for English Lit, she is well equipped with the knowledge to see a project through.

Chervelle is a stylish storyteller from Vancouver who speaks her mind, lives a uniquely quintessential creative life, and is convinced she lives in a perpetuating state of musical bliss. She dreams of one day calling London home. Words are her Haagen-Dazs. Beauty, her sunrise and sunsets. Design, her bread. Laughter, her butter. 

Let's write a story and travel on this journey together! 


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Wardrobe styling •• Written content •• Column content •• Brand collaborations •• live television segments •• Small event planning •• Home decor development ••