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Skinceuticals Red Carpet Event With Lainey Lui

There was a refreshing oasis at Project Skin MD last weekend. The South Granville flagship, was the host of an evening presented by SkinCeuticals with the Queen of entertainment gossip, Lainey Lui. 

Guests at this VIP event enjoyed complimentary cocktails, personal skincare consultations, express facials, and makeup touchups. The place was packed, with a short wait at the door to enter. Even though there was not much wiggle room, a glass of wine eased the mind, or guests had the option to explore complimentary service on the upper floor level. 

The place was abuzz with chatter, and at every glance you can see workers educating the curious with product information. Each one of them are well informed and know what they are talking about. Not because it is their job, but for the love of skincare and wellbeing. What started off as an initiative to educate women about sun protection, Dr. McGillivray thought the best way to spread his message was through skincare. And lets be honest, when we hear the word 'skincare', our ears perk up, and our wallets pay up. 

Lainey Lui, cohost of CTVs The Social and former resident of Vancouver, has been a supporter and frequent visitor to Project Skin for several years. And more recently the L'Oreal professional grade skincare line, SkinCeuticals. I knew about the line previous to the event, however, never tested the products. What caught my attention was the fact that Lainey was going to be in town and there was a chance to meet her, and also, this company must be legit because the opinionated persona would only promote what she believes in. 

Mum, Lainey, and myself

Originally my sister, Cherise was my plus one, but parenting duty took precedent and my mother joined me instead. Each of us are committed viewers of The Social, and respected admirer's of Lainey. With glass in hand, mum and I waited patiently for a turn to speak with the guest of honour. Time went on as a conversation with a group went deeper into topic. So we mingled, educated ourselves with a friendly worker, while sipping my wine. One of the ladies working closer with Lainey took to mother and I. We chatted about our love for Lui, the company and the fact that she was fresh off her honeymoon. Now that is dedication and commitment to your career! It was by her kindness that we got our chance to speak with our favourite socialite. Thank you again, Zara!

She is sweet, genuine, hilarious. And yes, just as boisterous as on The Social. The first thing she did upon introduction was refill my wine glass because it was "too low". No complaints ... except that I was driving. This was my mothers night, her and Lainey hit it off with ease and called themselves kindred spirits. Not only that, she got a shoutout on her site a few days later. Which is a testament to who my mother is, one of the coolest, strongest, bada$$ women you will ever meet. And because Cherise could not make it, Lainey sent her a special message. The first attempt failed (which was golden), but the second try worked out well. Let's just say that my mum and sister are two very happy women. 

Thank you Project Skin MD, SkinCeuticals, and Lainey Lui for an evening of knowledge, facials, samples, cocktails, and gabby gossip. 

If you're curious about the SkinCeuticals line, head to their flagship location Project Skin MD, 1495 W 11th Ave, Vancouver.

Lainey and myself. (Those shoes! I think Loeffler Randall?)

Doing my stalker, papparazzi duties